These are the books I will be reading over the next few months. The list does not cover all Education Scretaries as some have not authored or been the subject of a biography. All politicians will nevertheless have their stories supplemented using the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and relevant news stories from their time in power.

  1. Rab Butler  “The Art of the Possible
  2. Betty D. Vernon  “Ellen Wilkinson: A Biography
  3. Fred Blackburn  “George Tomlinson
  4. Quintin Hogg/Lord Hailsham  “Door Wherein I Went
  5. Edited Collection  “Edward Boyle: His Life By His Friends
  6. Michael Stewart  “Life and Labour
  7. Susan Crosland  “Tony Crosland
  8. Maurice Kogan  “Politics of education: Conversations with Boyle & Crosland
  9. Patrick Gordon Walker  “Political Diaries 1932 – 1971
  10. Edward Short  “I Knew My Place
  11. Margaret Thatcher  “Not For Turning
  12. Shirley Williams  “Climbing The Bookshelves
  13. Morrison Halcrow  “Keith Joseph: A Single Mind”
  14. Kenneth Baker  “The Turbulent Years
  15. Gillian Shephard  “Shephard’s Watch
  16. David Blunkett  “The Blunkett Tapes
  17. Alan Johnson  “This Boy

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