Rab Butler’s Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements page from Rab Butler’s “Art of The Possible” Biography.

Not one of the most exciting in the acknowledgement series, but big question:  Who are the Shephard family, and why do they own so many cartoons?

I am indebted to those whom I had given the bulk of my political papers, and the copyright therein, for making these papers available to me and to Peter Goldman, and for dealing with the business aspects of the publication of this book.

We are indebted to Lucia Santa Cruz for assisting with historical aspects, especially in the chapter on the Munich period,  and to Robin Allen for research work, particularly in connection with the reform of the Conservative Party after the defeat of 1945, also to Michael Fraser for political advice. I make grateful acknowledgements to the many others who have kindly read individual chapters and commented upon them. My secretary, Julia Fish, has provided much help with the preparation of the sheets for publication, and to her too I offer my gratitude.

For permission to reproduce cartoons to David Low, Vicky, Giles, and Ernest Shephard I am obliged to the David Low Trustees, the Evening Standard, the Daily ExpressPunch and Associated Newspapers Ltd.

  1. tristramshepard said:

    This is of course EH Shepard (of Winnie the Pooh illustration fame) – an often-made spelling mistake, as I well know!

  2. missmcinerney said:

    Good spot. The spelling is most likely my fault – probably because I was thinking of Gillian Shephard (who does spell it that way). I also had similar word from Malcolm Laverty:

    “The Shepard family are likely to be that of E H Shepard, illustrator of Winnie the Pooh and Tom Brown’s Schooldays. He lived in Lodsworth in West Sussex. When I started my first headship in nearby Bury I was told that Butler’s sister lived in the same lane as the village school.
    Vicky and Low were famous Fleet Street cartoonists during the Second World War and its aftermath.”

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